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Welcome to February!



Thanks for being patient with me as I find my blogging groove for 2017. While I didn’t post very many recipes in January, there were some good ones! These cookies are an absolute favorite of ours (and everyone else who has tried them) and we’ve been eating this BBQ for a while and I’ve finally perfected the recipe just how we like it!



Have you ever ordered glasses online? I’ve seen other bloggers do it and I’ve always been intrigued. It’s time for me to order a new pair and I think I’m going to try it. I like that most companies will mail you several pairs to try on at home for a few days before you have to decide which frames you want to purchase. I always feel rushed at the store and the pressure to pick a pair out that I’m going to love for a year always gets to me. So I think this will really help me. If you’ve tried ordering glasses online, leave me a comment below about your experience.



Who are you cheering for this weekend? Since I grew up in Atlanta, I feel the need to cheer for the Falcons. But let’s be honest, I’m really cheering for the food. I think I’ve finally decided what I’m going to make. Maybe. There’s still time to change my mind or come up with something else I want to try. Earlier this week I posted about my Eats for the Big Game, it covers favorites on the blog and ones that are in the running for this weekend. Go check it out!


Eats for the Big Game | Sam's Dish



Usually our Valentine’s Day is pretty low key. But this year the hubby surprised me with a trip to NYC where we are doing a You’ve Got Mail tour! It’s one of my favorite movies and I even made him watch it on our first date, so it’s extra special that he surprised me with this!



February 4, 2011 – 6 years ago today this cute guy I met on the internet got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I still remember how I would get so distracted staring at the diamond on my left hand and even now, I feel like I’m missing something if I’m not wearing it! Honestly, if you had asked me that night what I thought our life would be like in 6 years, I can assure you that what I would have said then wouldn’t be anything like what our life is actually like now. But the adventures, both good and bad, have shaped our relationship into what it is today. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures.


Engagement Feb 4, 2011




Every winter the hubby and I get jealous when we see our friends on social media that have escaped the dreary winter weather and are enjoying a tropical vacation. Well this year we decided it’s time we enjoy the sun too! We are planning a warm getaway before spring comes and I can’t wait!



How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? So far I’m still on track for my healthy lifestyle goal and I’ve already fallen behind on my reading goal and my blogging goal. I can honestly say I haven’t thought much about my word of the year, Intentional. I think I need to be more intentional about it. See what I did there? I created a graphic this week and put it on my phone to help me remember.


Be Intentional | Sam's Dish



This was a timely article for me as I was feeling like I had nothing to wear last weekend. The answer isn’t just to run out and buy everything I see. It’s much better for my closet (and my wallet) for me to be very selective in my clothing purchases.



I’ve been working on some new recipes for y’all and trying to have more of a balance between sweet and healthy options. But it’s so hard! Sweets are my life. Have you made the Roasted Sweet Potatoes yet? I made them again Thursday night and we still think they are delicious! And they won’t ruin your New Year’s resolution since they are sweetened with just a little bit of honey. Oh, and on a side note, they make your house smell amazing while they are baking and afterwards!



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Enjoy your weekend and let’s go Falcons! 😉



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